Global Campus of Human Rights statement on the situation in Thailand

As individuals, programmes, and organisations committed to the teaching of human rights, peace and democracy, it is our duty to encourage scholars to contribute to the enrichment of democratic institutions, building of sustainable peace and protection of human rights. As mentors and guardians, we cannot remain passive when students, whose intention is to promote free, just and equal societies, are arrested for their lawful actions, and threatened with violence at their protests.

In this light, the Global Campus of Human Rights is expressing its deep concern about the escalating situation in Thailand where the current government has used force and emergency regulations to stop peaceful demonstrations and to arrest demonstrators and their leaders, many of whom are students. These people are exercising their rights to peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, and political participation.

We are particularly concerned as Mahidol University is hosting the Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Asia Pacific (APMA), which is one of the seven Master Programmes of the Global Campus of Human Rights.

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