Global Campus Policy Observatory 2022

The Global Campus of Human Rights is glad to announce the publication of the GC Policy Briefs as part of the fifth edition of the Global Campus Policy Observatory (GCPO), a 'virtual hub' comprised of a team of a Coordinator and seven researchers for the production of a set of policy analyses to provide guidance and expert opinion in response to urgent human rights issues to a broad audience including decision makers, local governments, international and regional organisations and independent researchers.

In details:

- Bakhcheva I 'Balancing Between Human Rights and Business Development: What is the Situation with Labour Rights in Ukraine and What are the Chances to Change It?' Global Campus Policy Briefs 2022

- Bellaadem I 'A Step Closer or a Step Further from Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Hydropower Plants in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina' Global Campus Policy Briefs 2022

- Diab JL 'Child Labour among Refugee Youth in Lebanon: A Way Forward' Global Campus Policy Briefs 2022

- Gagliardone N 'Economic Growth in Developing Countries and its Impact on Human Rights of Indigenous Communities' Global Campus Policy Briefs 2022

- Serrano Puig C 'Anti-Corruption to Fight Human Trafficking Labour Exploitation in the Spanish Agricultural Sector' Global Campus Policy Briefs 2022

- Yutthaworakool S 'Living with Fear and Fragility in Times of Pandemic: Contested Lives of Migrant Workers and Challenges of National and Regional Business and Human Rights Frameworks for Labour Migration in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations' Global Campus Policy Briefs 2022

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