Global Campus Policy Observatory

The Global Campus of Human Rights is glad to announce the publication of the GC Policy Briefs as part of the Global Campus Policy Observatory (GCPO), a 'virtual hub' comprised of a team of researchers to make of each regional programme a solid focal point for policy expert advisory in human rights issues.

This new Global Campus project is meant to provide guidance and expert opinion in response to urgent human rights issues to a broad audience including decision makers, local governments, parties, parties foundations, international and regional organizations such as the EC, EU Delegations and the UN agencies, NGO, think tanks, research centers, individual researchers, independent researchers.

The following GC Policy Briefs can be found online on the Global Campus Open Knowledge Repository:

  • Biegon, J Diffusing Tension, Building Trust: Proposals on Guiding Principles Applicable during Consideration of the Activity Reports of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (Venice: Global Campus 2018), available at
  • Ceriani Cernadas, P Migration Policies and Human Rights in Latin America. Progressive Practices, Old Challenges, Worrying Setbacks and New Threats (Venice: Global Campus 2018), available at
  • Davor, M How to Provide Sustainable Funding for Civil Society and Community Media. The Case of Serbia and Western Balkan Countries (Venice: Global Campus 2018), available at
  • Lamer, W Fostering Independent Journalism and Press Freedom to Protect against Information-Related Dangers of the Digital Age (Venice: Global Campus 2018), available at
  • Sae Chua, B Human Rights Violation and (non)Prospect for Democracy in Thailand (Venice: Global Campus 2018), available at
  • Al-Sayyid, MK Youth Unemployment in the Arab World (Venice: Global Campus 2018), available at
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