Global Campus Statement on Ukraine

25 February 2022

The Global Campus of Human Rights and its network of 100 universities in all world regions is dedicated to post-graduate education in the field of democracy and human rights. We are deeply concerned about the recent military aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine. The Global Campus is alarmed by massive human rights violations being inflicted on civilians, and concerned about the safety of students, alumni, professors and experts working and studying at our partner universities in Ukraine and Belarus. We share the fears of our colleagues and students at the regional Master programmes based in the Caucasus, South East Europe, and Europe, and in particular in those countries in close proximity to the conflict.

The aggression against Ukraine, a founding member of the United Nations, violates international law, namely the prohibition of the threat or use of force against another state and the respect of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of independent states. The UN Charter foresees that such forms of military aggression will lead to the strongest reaction by the international community, including collective security measures and bringing individual perpetrators of aggression to justice before a Criminal Court.

Living up to our social responsibility as a network of universities specialising in the field of human rights and democracy, we will support these efforts. Further, the Global Campus recently developed a comprehensive emergency scholarship programme to provide a safe space to Afghan students and scholars who had to flee their country. We are deeply saddened to see a similar scenario unfolding in Ukraine, and stand ready to provide our support also in this crisis.


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