Global Campus Visual Contest 2019: the winners

This edition of the Global Campus Visual Contest, entitled “Free and equal in dignity and rights: images of the everyday lives of LGBTIQ+ persons”, for the first time has run completely on the Instagram account of @gchumanrights from 3 September until 8 February. The international jury of the Contest, comprised of Jim Marshall, Maika Elan, Carloman Macidiano Céspedes Riojas, Frank Finance-Madureira, Joeri Kempen, Veronica Gomez, GC Chair,  together with Instagrammers, selected the winner of the GC Contest.


We are glad to announce that Luigi Storto, with the picture “Naleena”, is the winner of this edition. "Naleena is an Indian transgender and according to the culture of her country, she belongs to the so-called "third sex", neither man or a woman. As an offering to the Goddes Kali Indian transgenders, called Hijras, undergo the ritual emasculation, carried out in secret and without anesthesia by Thaaiamma, a kind of sacred midwife. Traditionally considered sacred beings because daughters and priestesses of Kali, nowadays Hijras live like outcasts, even at a lower level than the caste of Pariah, and to survive the majority of them are forced to beg and to do sex work."


The second photo chosen is “Sil from Brussels” by Tale of Man. "When I was 24 I met a guy through Tinder. After two months of talking online, I asked him out on a first date. Both being pretty shy, a concert was ideal for us. Although it was a normal first date, I knew I wanted to see him again. At the time, I never had had a boyfriend, so I was eager to get to know him better and I made sure a second date would come. Then the attacks on Brussels Airport and the metro happened, which threw us off and postponed our date.


The third one is “Milan Pride Parade 2018” by M4rcuzzu. "An old woman decided to celebrate the Pride day by distributing water bottles and rainbow flags to the people from a full colored track, Milan, Italy, 2018."


The best photos projects will be assembled into an exhibition that could travel and be hosted at the venues of the seven Regional Master’s programmes of the GC: Venice, Bangkok, Beirut, Buenos Aires, Yerevan, Pretoria, Sarajevo.

You can follow the visual contest with the hashtag #GlobalCampusVisualContest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Website:

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