Global Campus Visual Contest: Awarded photos and video 2018

The 2018 Edition of the Global Campus Visual Contest was devoted to the theme “Diversity and Inclusion”. The participants were asked to investigate from their own perspective the multifaceted concept of diversity from country origin to language, from gender to sexual orientation, from culture to religion.


The contest, which ran from 1st March to 4th May 2018, received around 90 total submissions, from participants from different regions of the world, mostly Europe, South Asia and South East Asia, Central Asia and North Africa.

The winners of the different categories of the Global Campus Visual Contest put across powerful messages about “Diversity” through striking images and videos. They were also able to show the other side of diversity: inclusion. Or exclusion. Inclusion is how we try to bring out the unique strengths of individuals, groups and institutions. In contrast to this, in the political realm we witness more and more the use of the concept of “Others”, “Them” counterposed to “Us”. This reminds us that people are, and continue to be, often discriminated because of ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education and religion and that some governments and groups perpetuate ways and policies that exclude instead of including.


We are happy to announce the winners of this Contest, as the most voted pictures and short-videos by its international Jury.


PHOTO - Professional category: “Algo casual” by Carloman Macidiano Céspedes Riojas. The picture captures a gay couple in an intimate moment, showing how “love relationships are all the same, some days are lovely others difficult” (las relaciones de amor son todas iguales, algunos dias lindos y otros difíciles).


PHOTO - Amateur category: “A boy” by Iryna Viyuk, affronting the theme of disabilities.


VIDEO - Professional category: "Listen" by Min Min Hein a documentary portraying the revolutionary artist Chaw Ei Then, exiled from her homeland of Myanmar.


VIDEO - Amateur category: “Dreams on Wheels” by Vedika Kruti, on the hardships faced by women trying to earn a living.




The winners of the Global Campus Visual Contest will be also announced on the occasion of the Opening Ceremony of the European programme on 23rd September 2018 in Venice. The best pictures and short videos will be also presented at the events of the Regional Masters of the Global Campus in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Caucasus, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, South East Europe. A special catalogue with a selection of the best photos of the last three editions of the Contest will be soon made available online.


You can follow the visual contest with the hashtag #GlobalCampusVisualContest on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram. Website:

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