Global Campus Visual Contest: LGBTIQ+ Rights

“Free and equal in dignity and rights: images of the everyday lives of LGBTIQ+ persons”


The Global Campus Visual Contest, that will open from 3 September 2018 until 8 February 2019, aims to create a platform to celebrate diversity of gender and sexual orientation identities.


We look for photos that can challenge the frequently negative image of LGBTIQ+ persons in the media and to encourage the elimination of the stigma, prejudice, and discrimination that are still associated with what is perceived as non-conformity to rigid sexual and gender norms as well as cultural and social constructs of feminine and masculine.


We want to break this negative cycle of discrimination and violence based on reductive and discriminatory images. We want to see LGBTIQ+ persons as human beings with equal dignity and equal rights, in their everyday life, being active agents of their existence and working with others to facilitate inclusion and openness in culture and society, thus honoring the opening words of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”


Through the GC Visual Contest, EIUC and the Global Campus of Human Rights would like to further support these messages through compelling images.


Thanks also to a forthcoming GC Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) there is the intention of promoting knowledge on LGBTIQ+ rights.


The Contest will be organised on Instagram allowing the participants to upload directly their works on this platform in 3 steps:


  • Use the hashtags #StandUp4LGBTQRights and #GlobalCampusVisualContest
  • Follow the Instagram account @gchumanrights
  • Tag @gchumanrights in the picture


This is a call to everyone to dispel stereotypes and uphold an unwavering commitment to LGBTIQ+ rights so as to help them in their cause for worldwide acceptance and human dignity.


This initiative is funded by the European Union.


You can follow the visual contest also on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or discover more about the last edition here.

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