Human Rights Film Festival 2006

‘Human Expression for Human Rights’ is the title chosen for this year’s Human Rights Film Festival which took place in Venice on the 9 and 10 December 2006. Organised by the E.MA students and in cooperation with the Centro Pace of the Municipality of Venice, under the light of the 58th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The target of the fest was to raise public human rights awareness, through expressionistic art...

This year’s film festival, opened its wings a bit further, by including more than just films..

It included:

  • Showing of Films and documentaries,…(click for the film program)
  • Photo exhibition
  • Discussions/debates

Our philosophy can be summarized in the simple phrase: ‘Human expression for Human rights’.

A weekend of films and art related to human rights, 9 and 10 December 2006, in order to be active for the International Human Rights Day and to make people think and act as well; towards the goal of achieving the realization of a human rights culture throughout the whole humanity. Our target group was all the people of Venice.

A lot of persons took part in this festival.

This non-profitable film festival was organized by Human Rights activists all around the world, people filled with idealism and hope. People that fate brought together under the roof of E.MA and EIUC.

Main events of the festival:

  • Film showing on 9-10 December (programme), followed by a 30 minutes discussion with the director or with a person appointed by the festival to guide the discussion. Around 15 films will be projected.
  • Short documentary showing, in laptops with headphones, in an area specially designed to facilitate this activity, where people had the choice to watch a 15 min documentary of their own interest.
  • Photographic exhibition, in the entrance of the building,  related to human rights.
  • Public discussions, on all issues raised by the films and documentaries, with the participation of directors or experts on the areas in question.
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