Human Rights Weekend on the 4th and 5th December 2010 in Venice

The European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) brings together in Venice students from the most varied backgrounds and countries around the world, to engage not only in the study of Human Rights, but also in sharing ideas and experiences formed in different settings and unique places worldwide.

E.MA Film Festival 2010The gathering of such experiences results in the creation of the Human Rights Weekend on the 4th and 5th December 2010 in Venice, composed of the E.MA Students Movie Nights Festival, entitled Building Bridges – Connecting through Diversity and of a small photo exhibition entitled Human Rights through the lens of the E.MA students 2010/2011, both displayed in the Ca’ Foscari Auditorium of Santa Margherita.

The programme of the Movie Nights these two days includes short and long film’s screenings, followed by discussions with movie producers and high quality speakers on interesting topics such as minorities, xenophobia and integration.

On the other hand, all the 35 pictures forming part of the exhibition have been taken by the students before and during their arrival to Venice, and reflect their contacts with cultures and peoples that had an impact on their lives and the way they perceive these fundamental rights. This collection of pictures from Asia, Africa, Europe and America aims to provide a small glimpse of how we E.MA students view human rights and how human rights inspire us.

A closing event jointly organised with the Centro Pace, will take place on Thursday, 9th December with the movie Io, la mia famiglia Rom e Woody Allen.

DOWNLOAD here the programme of the HUMAN RIGHTS WEEKEND

Download here the programme of the Movie Nights for Human Rights Festival

Free entrance

4th and 5th December: Ca’ Foscari Auditorium Santa Margherita   Campo Santa Margherita Dorsoduro 3689, Venice

9th December: Laboratorio Morion Salizada S. Francesco de la Vigna Castello 2951, Venice

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