08/XII/2012: Launch of the Global Campus of Regional Masters

An extraordinary meeting of the Global Campus Council took place on Saturday 8 December 2012 at the Monastery of San Nicolò in Venice Lido (Italy).

Representatives of EIUC and of all the six GC Regional Masters Programmes in Human Rights and Democratisation attended the meeting together with Mr. Kristian Schmidt (Director, Human and Society Development Directorate, DG Development and Cooperation DEVCO, European Commission) and Mr. George Dura (Unit Governance, Democracy, Gender and Human Rights - DEVCO, European Commission).

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The aim of this meeting for the parties involved was to report on the Global Campus start-up while addressing some of the challenges ahead and tackling administrative and financial issues.

The afternoon session focused on curriculum and joint activities development (such as the Global Campus Classroom and Research Programme) as well as on the presentation of the learning management system and collaboration software proposed by EIUC IT Officer.

Also the Vice President of the E.MAlumni Association, Lydia Malmedie, attended the afternoon session in her statutory consultative role on the GC Council. She presented the first Global Campus Alumni Associations meeting (scheduled on 26-27 January) by outlining its programme and foreseen budget. Moreover, she actively participated in the discussions related to future cooperation within the GC and emphasized the role of the Alumni to the Global Campus.

Mr. Kristian Schmidt (Director, Human and Society Development Directorate, DG Development and Cooperation DEVCO, European Commission), and Prof. Horst Fischer (EIUC President) gave keynote addresses on the occasion of the launching ceremony of the Global Campus, held at 6.00 p.m in the Aula Magna.

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One of the E.MA student representatives and four other students, coming from different regions of the world, answered the question addressed by Mr. Schmidt on why they chose E.MA, sharing with the audience their feelings and experience of the European Master's Programme 2012/2013.

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After an aperitive, all guests were moreover invited to participate in the events organised for the weekend by the students of the European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) to celebrate the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). More details about these events.


Below the members of the Global Campus Regional Masters with representatives of EIUC and EC (September 2012).

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