1-3 September 2011: EIUC hosted and co-organised the 12th edition of the Circuito Off Festival

On 1, 2, 3 of September 2011 EIUC hosted and co-organised at its seat, the Monastery of San Nicolò, the 12th edition of the Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival, titled “As short as the name Lido”.

The festival opened on 1 September with a human rights day dedicated to the screening of a selection of short films belonging to the “Building Bridges” contest, an event which EIUC sponsored for the first time in December 2010 and which involved E.MA students presenting human rights related short films to the Venetian public. The selected “corti” cover issues of immigration, development, racism and xenophobia, social discrimination.

The programme included:

  • “Kavi” of Gregg Helvey, 2009 the story of a young Indian boy working in slavery conditions;
  • “Cemetery People” of Alessandro Molatore, 2008, a documentary dedicated to the community of “invisibles” living in among the graves of the Navotas cemetery, near Manila;
  • “Down here” of Charles Wilkinson, 2008 giving an pitiless snapshot of the condition of homeless people in Vancouver;
  • “Seventh Dog” of Zeina Durra, 2005 a black comedy depicting the difficulties of an couple of Arabic origins, living in post September 11 New York.

The festival continued on 2 and 3 September with tributes to innovative young directors (Simon Cahn, Can Evgin, and Gabriel Abrantes) or web(short)series (Freaks!), with the Circuito Off official contest, and with the awarding of numerous prizes. The winner of the most important one, the “Circuito Off International Award” was “Anglaée” of Rudi Rosenberg 2010, France, while two special mentions have been given by the international jury to “La Gran Carrera / The Great Race” of Kote Camacho, 2010, Spain, and “Tussilago” by Jonas Odell, 2010, Sweden. See more on Circuito Off website: http://www.circuitooff.com/

EIUC’s wish to “bridge” human rights and visual arts gets reinforced following this joint event. Ad maiora! With Circuito Off.

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