14 July 2012: Diplomatic Conference on The EU and the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

The EIUC Diplomatic Conference on The EU and the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights was held in Venice on 14 July 2012 and was opened by Prof. Horst Fischer, EIUC President.

This Diplomatic Conference aimed at brainstorming on the given topic trying to come up with a list of recommendations for a more effective EU policy in regards to external relations that can be used by the members of the EU CoHom group present to the conference in their daily work.

The conference was also attended by several international specialists together with academics and experts from EIUC universities and associated organisations, EIUC Advisory Board members, and human rights and democratisation experts from the EU institutions.

The speakers and moderators of this year were (in alphabetical order):

  • Christian Behrmann, EEAS Human Rights Policy Instrument Division (picture n°4)
  • Régis Brillat, European Social Charter - Council of Europe
  • Christian Courtis, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Horst Fischer, EIUC President (picture n°1)
  • Lieve Fransen, EU Director Europe 2020: Social Policies (pictures n°1, 3)
  • Oliver Greenfield, Green Economy Coalition
  • Jeffrey Kenner, University of Nottingham (picture n°5)
  • Fabrizio Marrella, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
  • Frederico Nascimento, Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (picture n°6)
  • Wiktor Osiatynski, Central European University
  • Ignacio Saiz, Center for Economic and Social Rights (picture n°7)
  • Engelbert Theuermann, President of the CoHom (picture n°2)
  • Alessandro Valdambrini, EU Commission, DG for Development and Cooperation EuropeAid – Governance, Democracy, Gender and Human Rights (picture n°8)

Download here the programme of the EIUC Diplomatic Conference 2012


2tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/DC2012_theuermann-20187.jpg 3tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/DC_fransenspeaking_20450.jpg
4tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/DC2012_behrmann_20139.jpg 5tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/DC_Kenner-20495.jpg
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6tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/DC2012_nascimento_20590.jpg 7tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/DC2012_saiz_20606.jpg
8tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/DC2012_valambrini-20155.jpg 9tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/DC2012_Halmai-20660.jpg
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The EIUC Diplomatic Conference is every year devoted to an exploration of topical issues in the area of human rights and democratisation. Discover more about conferences organised by EIUC

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