18-22 January 2010: Training of Trainers on "Legal aspects of enforced disappearances" (copia)

The Joint Platform for the Regional Masters in Human Rights and Democratisation (www.regionalmasters.org) is a common website for the five regional masters in human rights and democratisation funded by the European Union, under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).

The E.MA is the oldest Master’s programme supported by the European Union. Its success has given rise to the development of additional regional human rights master’s programmes. Being generally modelled on the E.MA, the regional master’s programmes have many core features in common and there is considerable co-operation between them, including exchange of staff and students, joint publications and conferences. Such networking and co-operation is strongly encouraged by the European Union, which at the same time recognises that “overall academic coherence is to be ensured by the E.MA based in Venice, which inspired the Regional Masters Programmes”. EIUC has welcomed the encouragement of the EU to realise and manage the joint platform.

The joint platform was launched in Pretoria, South Africa, on Friday the 11th of December 2009. This event took place during the celebrations of the 10 year anniversary of the LLM (Human Rights & Democratisation) Programme at the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria.

The joint platform is a website that comprises six components: a common component with information of general interest concerning all the programmes and five sections, one for each master programme: E.MA (Venice), LLM (Pretoria), ERMA (Sarajevo), LACM (Buenos Aires) and APRP (Sydney).
The aim of this website is to centralise information about the different programmes (including their common features and projects), the European Union policy concerning education in human rights and democratisation.

In the future, this platform will be extended to other Regional Masters and enriched by additional functionalities of interest to all Regional Masters and for the overall benefit of high profile studies in human rights and democratisation.

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