5th E.MA Career Day

The fifth Career day took place on 22 and 23 January at the Monastery of San Nicolò. The event, jointly organized by EIUC and E.MAlumni Association, represented the last activity within the first semester of the E.MA 2014/2015. Lectures and small-scale discussions were envisioned to enable the students’ career decisions. The Career day’s main aim is to grant students an insight into the several possibilities they have on the job market.

This year, the E.MAlumni Association Board has chosen to invite a variety of speakers so to fit a broad range of student interests to facilitate modules on career planning and career development in IGOs, NGOs, and EU institutions. EIUC Staff and E.MA Fellows have also participated providing modules on career choices in academia, information on the E.MA/EIUC Internship and Fellowship Programmes and an overview of how to get involved in the Global Campus network.

The Global Campus project, which has just entered its third year of activities, constitutes a truly international community of academia and professionals on human rights. Students of one of the six Regional master’s programmes of the GC, including E.MA, can get engaged in this network through different GC activities such as the Global Classroom, promotion and visibility activities and GC Alumni activities. This year this network is further enlarging with the inclusion of the Master in Democratic Governance in the Mena Region (DE.MA) which will take off on 9th February 2015.

The event lasted two days, the first one dedicated to share their experiences and offer advice to the future human rights professionals and the second day focused on technical skills to help with work experience, placements, applications, and CVs.In this occasion, four E.MAlumni passed on their knowledge and experience to E.MA students. Sara Melkko, with more than 10 years of experience in recruiting and marketing, shared a general career considerations and interview techniques. Kristina Von Petersdorff who worked in the UN in various countries as well as in the NGO sector delivered a presentation related to her experience and the challenges faced while preparing UN applications. Finally, Javier Burgos who is currently working as project manager for an EC programme though Europeaid presented his knowledge in working with the EC and helped students to prepare project proposals in the EC context.

This is the perfect opportunity for students to build up their international perception and to make the first steps in an international career. Through the Career Day, EIUC and E.MAlumni Association want to give the chance to E.MA students to get to know the working methods of the international and European institutions and NGOs and get trained during workshops, reach a better cultural mind-set by interacting with human right professionals


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