Images and human rights in the framework of the Human Rights Nights

On 12 May 2018 at the Cinema Lumière in Bologna in the framework of the Human Rights Nights, an exhibition of the best photos of the three editions of the Global Campus Visual Contest was organised together with a roundtable on the role of images to communicate and educate about human rights.


George Ulrich, Programme Director of the European Master’s programme, moderated the roundtable with two guest speakers: Bruna Seu, Professor of Psychosocial Studies and Critical Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London and Viviana Carlet, the Director of Lago Film Fest.



Bruna Seu focused her intervention on the role of images and the trust and confidence in nonprofit organisations and humanitarian NGOs. By making reference to the findings of her studies on public responses to humanitarian communications, she drew attention to the fact that it is crucial to engage with how people understand images. Mobilising public empathy is a necessary but not sufficient condition for action. Images on human rights violations are disturbing and some NGOs use them to evoke pity rather than to educate people. For this reason, it is important to establish a connectedness with people and bridge the gaps between everyday life and distant violations of human rights.


Viviana Carlet presented the features of this international short films, documentaries and screenplays festival, founded in 2005 in the lake town of Revine Lago (TV). Through talks, videos, workshops, artistic performances, live music and special guests the festival is a unique space where cinema is at the same time a file rouge and a chance to meet, to experiment and to create. They work all year long by helping young people telling their stories with images and videos. People can enjoy the screenings of young artists from all over the world, then share and interact through different activities, including workshops on cinema critics. The festival has every year has a different theme. The theme of the 2017 edition was about “Disorientation”, next edition, that is the 14th of the festival, is going to take place on 20-28 July 2018 in Revine.

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