In solidarity with GC Arab World - Beirut

The Global Campus of Human Rights is organising this fundraising appeal to support colleagues and students in the Global Campus Arab World seated at the premises of the Saint Joseph University in Beirut.

Following the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, on August 4, and the terrible consequences of at least 200 deaths including many children, people missing, thousands injured, billions in property damage and an estimated 300.000 people ending without homes, the Global Campus of Human Rights expresses solidarity with students, professors and staff colleagues in Beirut, seat of the Global Campus Arab World located in the premises of the Saint Joseph University.

Our thoughts go out to all of them, their families, their friends and their communities. Since 2017, the Global Campus of Human Rights have been fortunate to work in partnership with Saint Joseph University which is an active member of our network of 100 Universities around the world and has hosted many of our important events in the region.

The explosions that rocked Beirut came under already dire circumstances, as Lebanon struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic, distrust in public institutions and many economic and social problems. The level of this tragedy is requiring now not only our expression of support and solidarity but all our efforts including financial contributions and donations.

The Global Campus of Human Rights is now kindly requesting all our dear friends and members of our vast academic network to contribute in this emergency and please donate now to support colleagues and students of GC Arab World.

Donate now!!!

Image courtesy of Gianluca Costantini

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