Independent External Evaluation of “Furthering the Development of Human Rights Education at the Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL)”


The Global Campus of Human Rights is an inter-disciplinary university centre supported by the EU, aiming at pursuing the continued promotion of human rights and democratisation through education, specialised training, and research cooperation worldwide through a network of regional partners.
In 2019 the Global Campus was entrusted by the European Union to lead the new capacity-building 2-year project “Development of Human Rights Education and Research at the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL)” and its subsequent follow up phase for the “Furthering the Development of Human Rights Education at the UNTL” for other 2 years.  The projects, funded by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) is implemented in Dili in cooperation with the Global Campus Asia-Pacific Programme based at Mahidol University (Thailand) and in coordination with the EU Delegation in Timor-Leste. The projects contribute to the promotion of human rights, democracy and development in Timor-Leste by establishing a Human Rights Centre within the Faculty of Social Sciences of UNTL, and active throughout all nine Faculties. The aim of the Centre is to engage in training, international networking and research activities. It is envisaged that it will become an active partner of the Global Campus through its Asia-Pacific regional network. For more information consult the project web-page.

Purpose and Task

In accordance with the EU guidelines, the GC seeks to identify a qualified evaluator who can perform the foreseen independent assessment of the project results and outputs. The evaluation shall be focused on the follow up phase (2021-22), however needs to keep in consideration the whole implementation logic starting from the previous cycle (2019-20). The project will have to be assessed vis-à-vis the expected outcomes of the action, its intervention logic and sustainability, the consistency with the strategic objectives of the GC-UNTL partnership, as well as the EU human rights action plan for Timor-Leste.

The consultancy can be undertaken remotely via telework, and includes a field mission in Dili, Timor-Leste.


  • Desk phase, documents review and remote meetings with PM
  • Field visit in Dili, interviews, data collection, observation
  • Workshop to present the report to the GC and partners

Mandatory minimum technical requirements

Failure to meet these requirements will cause exclusion from the bidding process

  • Be independent from the GC or UNTL
  • Hold a PhD in human rights, development, social and political sciences or education studies;
  • Have minimum 10 years´ experience in working in international development programs;
  • At least 5 years’ experiences in project evaluation related to international development cooperation, especially in education sector;
  • Have experience in working in different national development contexts and/or at regional/global level
  • Excellent writing skills in English (demonstration of writing skill is required with submission of previous reports)
  • Readiness to travel to Timor-Leste
  • Abide to the main human rights values, as stated in the GC mission and vision

Additional technical requirements

requirements that may be favorably evaluated

  • Prior experience in development work in Timor-Leste or the wider Southeast Asia region
  • Knowledge of Portuguese and/or Tetum languages are considered an advantage


  • Evaluation work plan and methodology
  • Draft report
  • Final report, including:
    • Executive Summary
    • Methodology
    • Activities and Impact 
    • Recommendations or Lessons Learned  
    • Conclusion
    • Annexes 
  • Workshop presentation (remote)

Communication with the GC

The evaluator(s) report directly and cooperate with the GC project manager, who is also available to support the evaluator at any stage of the consultancy.

Intellectual property

The final output of the evaluation (report) constitutes intellectual property of the GC that cannot be shared in any form without the written authorization of the GC.

Duration of framework service agreement and timescale

Maximum 30 days with negotiable deadlines



Work days

Inception report that contains the  precise methodology and work plan of the evaluation

1 December 2022



8-18 December 2022


Draft report

20 January 2023


Final report

20 February 2023


Presentation workshop

March 2023 TBC



Maximum estimated total value

The maximum value of the contract is set for 180€/day for 30 days.


The contract will be between GC and the Tenderer. Payments will be made based on the contract that will be concluded for the services provided in the period with 30-day end-of-month payment

Grounds of exclusion

The contract cannot be awarded to tenderers that are subject to any conflict of interest or fail to provide exact, complete and truthful information. Tenderers must certify they are not in any exclusion situation by providing a complete declaration of honour (Annex 1).

Presentation of proposals

The proposal must include the following items:

    • General documents
      • Credentials
      • Evidence of mandatory and additional requirements: Cv(s) of expert(s), including roles and responsibilities within the agreement (if relevant). Please specify the contact person who will need to be up-to-date about any project
      • Declaration of honour 
    • Financial offer
      • Cost with item and days breakdown for each category and sub-category (deliverables).

        NB: Further to the professional fee, during the field mission in Dili, one consultant will benefit from (a) a personal translator/facilitator; (b) travel, accommodation, all local costs and logistics organized by the GC.

    • Technical Part
      • Work plan of the evaluation
      • Methodology and approach

Selection procedure and criteria

GC will generally evaluate each proposal according to the following criteria:

Proposal’s completeness and adequacy according to the requirements of this invitation to tender


a. General documents


b. Financial offer


c. Technical part



Submission of proposals

Please submit your proposal in PDF format, to no later than 14/10/2022

For information contact  

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