International conferences

Promoting Sustainable Democracy, EIUC/GTZ Round-table conference II, (14-16 July 2006);

Diplomatic Conference 2006: The role of the European Union in the newly established UN Human Rights Council (8 July 2006). The EIUC DIPLOMATIC CONFERENCE on The role of the European Union in the newly established UN Human Rights Council took place on 8 July 2006 in Venice, Monastery of San Nicolò, and was openend by Prof. Horst Fischer, EIUC President. Among the guest speakers were Mr. Engelbert Theuermann, Head of the Human Rights Directorate, Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ms Satu Suikkari, Head of the UN Human Rights Team, Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Michael Matthiessen, Personal Representative of the Secretary-General/High Representative for Human Rights, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union; Mr. Geoffrey Harris, Head, Human Rights Unit, European Parliament; Mr. Oliver Allen, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, Liaison Office in Geneva.

EIUC Academic Colloquium The Role and Mandate of the High Commissioners in the Field of Human Rights (26 November 2005);

Political Pluralism and Electoral Processes in the Broader Middle East and North Africa, large-scale international Civil Society Workshop organised by No Peace Without Justice in partnership with EIUC and co-hosted by EIUC in Venice from 21-24 July 2005;

Facing Inequality in Economic Development: Responsibilities of the State in a Globalised World, roundtable conference on economic models, development and human rights organised in cooperation with EIUC's new strategic partner, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation, GTZ, and hosted in Venice from 15-17 July 2005;

Diplomatic Conference 2005: In Larger Freedom: Reform of the UN Human Rights Mechanisms (1st-3rd July 2005);

EU Human Rights Agency, an academic conference organised on 4 December 2004 with the participation of functionaries from the European Commission and Parliament, a representative of the existing European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, Vienna, the EU Network of Independent Experts on human rights, as well as numerous professors and academics within the E.MA/EIUC network. As specific output, the conference led to a statement which was submitted to EC public consultation on the Fundamental Rights Agency;

Diplomatic Conference 2004: Human Rights and Counterterrorism Strategies (17 July 2004);

EU-China Human Rights Dialogue Seminar: Capacity Building of NGOs and Judicial Guarantees of Human Rights (15-16 December 2003);

International colloquium: The Judicial Protection of Fundamental Rights under the Draft EU Constitution/La Protection judiciaire des droits fondamentaux selon la future Constitution de l´UE (12-13 December 2003);

Diplomatic Conference 2003: How to Improve the EU Input into UN Human Rights Policies (19 July 2003);

International conference: The International Criminal Court: Challenges and Prospects, (13-14 December 2002);

Diplomatic Conference 2002 with two working groups entitled: The EU's Role in the Intercultural Dialogue; The Fight against Terrorism and the EU Human Rights Policies (20 July 2002).

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