Interview with Amr Ismaeil, current student of the DE.MA Master in Democratic Governance

Amr Ismaeli

What have you liked the most so far about the Master's Programme?

Amr: I like having students from a different backgrounds, countries, languages. This interaction leads to more understanding to each context. And through this understanding a cooperation can be created. I also admire having high experts of human rights present in our classes, speaking about their experiences. It was also great to listen to the presentation done by my fellows about human rights defenders on risk, cases of human rights violations.

Where will you go / could you like to go for your second semester?
Amr: I will go to Lebanon, I am interested in studying he case of the domestic workers in Lebanon, how they are treated and how they resisted and formed a union to defend themselves.

What are your professional plans after the Master ends?
Amr: I have been working as a researcher on detention places and torture prevention in Egypt. I would like to use what I learned here in my work, probably going to a different context in a different country. And latter to start a PHD hopefully.

Some people regards human rights defenders as a heroes, and I believe that heroes are not people who are special or have a special power, heroes are ordinary people who do ordinary actions in extra ordinary times. So my advice to my colleagues - be heroes be ordinary.

Amr Ismaeil is from Egypt.
He is researcher on detention places and torture prevention, at the Egyptian imitative for personal right.

Thanks to the Global Campus Alumni for the interview!

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