Invitation to tender for Supervisory Body (Auditor) / Organo di Controllo

The Global Campus of  Human Rights  (hereafter Global Campus) - - is a not for profit organisation fostering a community of scholars, researchers and professionals to promote democracy and the implementation of human rights worldwide. The Global Campus advances innovative programmes and projects (masters, summer schools, and training seminars) that contribute to policy formation and assistance to democracy and good governance, promotion of the rule of law, and overseas development cooperation.


Coordination is ensured by the Headquarters of the Global Campus in Venice, while its core activities – the Master's Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation - are run in seven regions worldwide (Europe, South-East Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Arab World, Latin America and the Caribbean, Caucasus).


The Global Campus is the Beneficiary of the EU funded Action “GLOBAL NETWORK OF UNIVERSITIES FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION” (EIDHR funds) and of other partnership agreements.


The Global Campus implementation period is of 12 months, and the financial year corresponds to the implementation period (from 01 August to 31 July).




This invitation to tender is addressed to competent individuals, hereon referred to as the tenderers, to perform in the role of Supervisory Body (auditor) according to article 18 of Global Campus Statute and relevant laws and regulations.


Please note that the Global Campus is already serviced by a company auditing its accounts for the 2019/2020 exercise, whereas it needs to appoint a Supervisory Body for the additional statutory tasks provided in article 18, and more precisely for monitoring:

  • compliance with legal and statutory provisions
  • compliance with principles of good administration
  • adequacy of the organisational and administrative structure and bookkeeping.
  • compliance with any other provision included in art. 30 of the Legislative Decree n.117/2017 (Third Sector Regulation/Codice del Terzo Settore)


In particular the tenderer must respect one of the following conditions:

  • the Auditor is a member of a national accounting or auditing body or institution which in turn is member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).
  • The Auditor is a member of a national accounting or auditing body or institution. Although this organisation is not member of the IFAC, the Auditor commits him/herself to undertaking this engagement in accordance with the IFAC standards and ethics set out in the Terms of Reference (hereinafter ToR) in Annex 1.
  • The Auditor is registered as a statutory auditor in the public register of a public oversight body in an EU member state in accordance with the principles of public oversight set out in Directive 2006/43/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (this applies to auditors and audit firms based in an EU Member State).


The assignment is expected to last till completion of the financial cycle 2019/2020. Should any event take place involving a reduction of the activities, the fee will be reduced proportionally.


Annex 1 - Terms of Reference

Annex 2 – Declaration of honour

Annex 3 - Statute


You can find the full invitation to tender and all annexes below.



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