Invitation to Tender for Video Production Services


The Global Campus of Human Rights (Global Campus/GC) is a network of almost one hundred participating universities around the world, seeking to advance human rights and democracy through the organisation of seven Master’s programmes in different world regions (Europe, South-East Europe, the Caucasus region, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean, and the Arab world) and through regional and global cooperation for education and research.

GC boasts more than twenty years of experience and an excellent track record in quality human rights education and training focused on:

that use both conventional and ground-breaking good practices, approaches and methods. This has allowed GC to continuously and increasingly build a solid and vast network of knowledge and expertise in teaching and training, both in person and online.


Global Campus e-learning activities

Online access to human rights courses, trainings, modules and materials is key to fostering a global community of learning and practice whose members are not only aware of their rights, but also able to develop wider and comparative understanding. The Global Campus offers such wider, comparative and practice-oriented e-learning experiences through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), online courses and blended courses. Over the years we have developed a distinct online identity that we now wish to develop further.


Purpose and aims

Increasing demand for e-learning programmes has evidenced the need for a constant, coherent and efficient production of video materials, interviews, e-lectures and other visual tools for optimal online delivery. In order to fulfil such need, GC is looking for a video company that would provide video production services to support forthcoming MOOCS and online courses.


The work considered under this invitation to tender encompasses different typologies of courses and themes, but is in general homogeneous in terms of approach and methodology and includes:

  • Support to GC in devising a coherent video strategy and implementation tools for e-learning.
  • Production and postproduction of videos with a total running time varying between 3-20 minutes each. Videos can be lectures or interviews with professors and experts or other types of videos such as interactive video quizzes, animated videos or a mix of lecture / power points /graphs / photos). Some of these videos may have been already filmed abroad by GC partners and therefore only need post-production; others may need to be filmed at the premises of GC in Venice and therefore need to go through the whole process from pre- to post-production.
  • Co-design, production and post-production of video teasers in English with a total running time not exceeding 3 minutes. Teasers can include graphic animations or other visuals in addition to footage with professors and experts. For the latter, videos are mainly recorded in Venice, but may include some footage previously recorded elsewhere by GC partners.
  • Preparation of excerpts from the teasers (stills, clips, frames, etc.) to be used for promotional purposes on GC social media channels.

The vast majority of the videos are in English, but some may need subtitles (texts provided by GC).


A total production of 65 videos, 5 teasers, 5 covers and 10 days of filming is roughly estimated for the timeframe of this invitation to tender.


Intellectual property

Subject to agreement, GC shall have full, unrestricted and exclusive rights to use the products and services listed in this invitation, including the right to broadcast, show and disseminate them in any media and its GC website and to exploit the products for any purpose, and the right to make any future adjustments to the contents of the products. The Tenderer is not allowed to use the products for any purpose other than those set out in the Framework Service Agreement, without the prior consent and authorisation of GC in writing. The Tenderer shall warrant that any output produced by the Tenderer or on its behalf will not infringe any patent, trademark, copyright, registered design or other intellectual property rights of any third party and agree to indemnify GC for any such claim, liability, proceedings and costs arising therefrom.


Duration of framework service agreement and timescale

The Framework Service Agreement will run for one year, from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020. Materials for the required video production services will be provided on a monthly basis, in a continuous manner, on the basis of a schedule that will be provided in due time.



The contract will be between GC and the Tenderer. Payments will be made on a bi-monthly basis upon reception of regular VAT invoices for the services provided in the period.


Grounds of exclusion

The contract cannot be awarded to tenderers that are subject to any conflict of interest or fail to provide exact, complete and truthful information. Tenderers must certify they are not in any exclusion situation by providing a complete declaration of honour (Annex 1).


Presentation of proposals

For the duration of the Framework Service Agreement GC roughly estimates a need to produce and release 65 videos of different typologies as described above, 5 teasers, 5 covers, and approximately 10 days of filming. The proposal should include:


General Framework

  • Overall concept and ideas for GC e-learning video strategy


  • Cost with item breakdown for the following:
    • Concept note and plan for video strategy
    • video concept development
    • story board
    • graphic design
    • animation
    • filming direction and recording
    • post-production editing
    • covers
    • music score and background
    • voice over
    • subtitles
    • any other cost item that might be considered relevant


Technical Part

  • Approach and methodology (number of team members dedicated to the project; type of technological equipment and competence, including software; schedule of meetings; phone availability…)
  • Corporate credentials
  • Declaration of honour


Selection procedure and criteria

The selection procedure consists of two phases:


  1. Pre-selection phase

The initial screening will be done on the basis of two elements:


  1. Evaluation of the Price

The Price will only be considered after GC has evaluated the Technical Part. GC will not make any selection based solely on price. So the lowest of any tenders will not necessarily be accepted.


  1. Evaluation of the Technical Part

GC will generally evaluate the technical aspects of each proposal according to the following criteria:


Proposal’s completeness and adequacy according to the requirements of this invitation to tender


The Tenderer’s background and related experience in conducting similar projects of this scale


Quality of the proposed ideas and content


Approach and methodology


Knowledge of English and Italian



  1. Final selection

GC will shortlist the Tenderers based on the above-mentioned criteria and only the shortlisted Tenderers will be required to attend an interview at GC Headquarters in Venice and present their proposals for the final selection. As part of the interview, they will also be required to present a test video on the basis of materials that will be provided to them in due advance.

Submission of proposals

Please submit your proposal in PDF format by 9am CET on Monday 29 July 2019 to and cc:

Subject: Video production services for e-learning programmes


Late submissions will not be considered.


For information contact the Academic Coordinator of Online Programmes

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