Prof. Horst Fischer, EIUC President, condemns the "barbaric act" in Paris and expresses solidarity with the visctims

Horst Fischer, Brussels, January 8, 2015


We are here to honour the victims of the terroristic act in Paris. Certainly our thoughts are with the victims of this horrendous act and we all feel with the families of the dead journalists and policemen. We strongly feel with our French relatives, colleagues and friends.

This attack was not just a cold blooded murder, a barbaric act, a terrible killing of innocent citizens in a peaceful city. It was an attack against the fundament of all free and democratic societies. It was an attack against the freedom of expression, other basic human rights and humanitarian values. It was an attack against all of us, an attack against everybody, an attack against the rights of anyone.

When lighting the candles and commemorating the victims of yesterday’s cruel act we should include in our thoughts all those who have been made the victims of terror killed yesterday and previously in other continents, countries and cities leaving behind families and friends less known to us. “Je suis Charlie” is expressing a global conviction that human beings should have the right to freedom of opinion and expression, should be protected from violence, terror and persecution and have their dignity and rights guaranteed, wherever they are. 

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