Just published "Droit international" by D. Carreau & F. Marrella

Prof. Fabrizio Marrella, Dean of the Human Rights Village, and Prof. Dominique Carreau have just published a reference textbook on International Law. The book was launched a few days ago in Paris, France. It provides a balanced and modern analysis of international law from both traditional and critical perspectives.

Written in French (but will be available in the future in Portuguese, Italian and English), the book is a systematic and balanced account of international law. It is written with great clarity and conciseness, being at the same time both approachable and authoritative. This book takes into great account the transnational character of contemporary International Law.

In the last decades, globalisation has gone beyond the boundaries of economic affairs and has modified the fundamental structure of the International Community. Today, even individuals and NGOs are at the origin of many rules which compete with the ones (traditionally created) by States and Intergovernemental organisations contributing significantly to shaping law making and law enforcement processes in the International legal system. Full presentation of the book is available at http://www.pedone.info/di/DI.html

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