Launch of fundraising activities: Membership Kit

By joining the Membership programme of the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) / Global Campus of Human Rights (GC Human Rights), you could become a supporter of our many activities in the field of education, research and trainings.

You become part of the recently created community interested to discover and participate in scheduled activities open to the public, and benefit from numerous advantages like:

  • Free and priority admission to events open to the public;
  • Invitation to the graduation ceremonies of students;
  • Invitation to students organised events related to the culture and arts;
  • Preferential access to high academic lectures; etc

THE FORMULA FOR MEMBERSHIPS could be Dual (personal + 1); Institutional; and Corporate. We started to receive our first membership applications today and you could also apply now to be part of our community of donors that will gather once per year.

You could also follow the Community of Members in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + using #fundraising #SupportEIUC4HumanRights #SupportGCHumanRights

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