Book on Economic Globalisation and Human Rights launches EIUC Studies on Human Rights and Democratisation published by Cambridge University Press.

Book announcement: Wolfgang Benedek / Koen de Feyter / Fabrizio Marrella (eds.), Economic Globalisation and Human Rights, EIUC Studies on Human Rights and Democratisation Vol. 1, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007 (ISBN-13: 9780521878869).

Economic globalisation is one of the guiding paradigms of the twenty-first century. The challenge it implies for human rights is fundamental, and key questions have up to now received no satisfying answers.

How can human rights protect human dignity when economic globalisation has an adverse impact on local living conditions?

How should human rights evolve in response to a global economy in which non-statal actors are decisive forces? Economic Globalisation and Human Rights, the first volume of the new EIUC Studies on Human Rights and Democratisation sets out to assess these and other questions.

Edited by three renowned scholars of international law – Wolfgang Benedek (University of Graz, Austria), Koen De Feyter (University of Antwerp, Belgium), Fabrizio Marrella (University Cà Foscari Venice, Italy) – the book aims to ensure that, as economic globalisation intensifies, human rights take up the central and crucial position that they deserve.

The editors have assembled outstanding contributors who use a multidisciplinary methodology to reflect on issues such as the role of the state in globalisation (Jernej Pikalo); the need for global ethics (George Ulrich); localisation of human rights (Koen de Feyter); globalisation and social rights (Adalberto Perulli); the role of human rights in WTO law (Wolfgang Benedek); NGO efforts to enhance accountability of trade policies (Davinia Ovett); efforts to make international financial organisations  more accountable (Laurence Boisson de Chazournes); alternative perspectives to increase the responsibility of multinational corporations for human rights violations (Francesco Francioni) and arbitration and corporate social responsibility (Fabrizio Marrella).

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