Launch of the Fifth Issue of the Seasonal Global Campus of Human Rights Magazine

The Global Campus of Human Rights published the fifth edition of its seasonal Magazine (English and Italian versions) following the success of the many important activities of our network.

This promotional publication is structured in the following sections:

  • Press Office Interviews with donors, partners and speakers of the online Global Campus of Human Rights Conversations;
  • Updates on News & Events of the Global Campus of Human Rights at local and international level.
  • Fundraising Office main Campaigns to raise awareness of our impact and attract more supporters.
  • Special Contributions

“Universities specialized in human rights also have a particular responsibility to defend academic freedom and the right to stand up for human rights and democracy in their own countries and beyond. At a time when these values are under attack in a growing number of countries, we feel the duty to assist scholars and students at risk of being expelled from their universities, persecuted for their intellectual activities or even arrested, tortured or killed. With the recent takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of Afghan human rights defenders, journalists, judges, scholars and students, above all women and girls and those who worked in close collaboration with the international community, had and still have to fear for their lives. Hundreds of thousands were able to leave the country, often in chaotic evacuation operations, others are still desperately trying to flee their country. When we launched our initiative of providing a safe space for Afghan scholars and students at our universities around the world, we were overwhelmed by the positive response of an impressive number of professors and rectors, students and alumni, individual activists and relevant organizations, such as “Scholars at Risk”, “World University Service” or “the International Association of Women Judges”. We are most grateful to the spontaneous reaction of the European Commission (INTPA) to provide us with funds, which were recently doubled by Right Livelihood and supplemented by other donors, such as the Fondazione Venezia and the Kahane Foundation. With these funds and the voluntary work of many members and friends of our network, we are now able to provide Afghan scholars, students and their families with the possibility to find a safe space for their studies, research or teaching at various universities of our global network. I sincerely hope that our Afghanistan project is only the beginning of a more ambitious programme to support scholars and students at risk in other countries as well.” Secretary General Manfred Nowak

For more information, contact our Press and Fundraising Offices:

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