Launch of the Fourth Issue of the Seasonal Global Campus of Human Rights Magazine

The Global Campus of Human Rights published the fourth edition of its seasonal Magazine (English and Italian versions) following the success of the fourth online Global Campus of Human Rights Conversation.

This promotional publication is structured in the following sections:

  • Press Office Interviews with donors, partners and speakers of the online Global Campus of Human Rights Conversations;
  • Updates on News & Events of the Global Campus of Human Rights at local and international level.
  • Fundraising Office main Campaigns to raise awareness of our impact and attract more supporters.
  • Special Contributions

“We are living in a period of severe global crises, but also at a time of transformation. Scientists have been telling us for decades, and politicians slowly seem to start grasping that global warming will make our planet uninhabitable if we are not taking swift and decisive action to address the root causes of our global environmental crisis, including the deliberate destruction of our rainforests, emitting greenhouse gases that contribute to accelerated climate change, a rapid loss of biodiversity etc. The COVID-19 Pandemic has contributed to strengthen our belief and opening even the eyes of most skeptical politicians that we can no longer leave the solution of our global problems simply to market forces, as was the mantra of neoliberal economists and politicians for almost half a century. Most people realize today that we need robust and well-functioning democratic states, regions and cities with accountable politicians willing to take responsibility to protect our human rights to life, health and a sustainable environment as well as the same rights for our children and future generations, if necessary against powerful business interests. Since the voices of human rights defenders and academics are usually not loud enough and often overheard by politicians and business corporations, human rights need to join forces with the arts in order to reach out to a broader public. I do not know any place which would be better suited to combine the arts with human rights as Venice! For 1,600 years, Venice has established itself as one of the most fascinating cities of arts in the world. Wherever you walk in Venice, you see, feel and breath the beauty of arts: in architecture, sculptures, paintings, music and many other forms.” Secretary General Manfred Nowak

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