Master in Human Rights and Democratisation in Latin America

On 25 May, the members of the EIUC Board met Professors Francesco Vigliarolo and Graciela Di Marco of the National University San Martin, Buenos Aires (Argentina) (UNSAM), winners of the invitation to tender launched by the European Commission for the creation of a Master in human rights and democratisation in Latin America.

The new consortium includes the following universities from Latin America:

  • Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional General Sarmiento, Universidad Nacional de Lanús, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Universidad Nacional de Villa María (Argentina);
  • Universidad Mayor San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (Bolivia);
  • Universidad Bolivariana (Chile);
  • Universidad de La República (Uruguay).

The discussion related to the possibility of exchanging professors and students between the universities partners of EIUC and the new consortium. The possibility of accommodating for one semester period the Latin American students in the various partner universities of EIUC was also evoked. Professors Vigliarolo and Di Marco also discussed with Professor Fabrizio Marrella (E.MA Programme Director) and Ms Elisabetta Noli (EIUC Senior Project Manager) who provided them with advices on the curricula and the organisation of the new Master which will be inaugurated in 2010.

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