MOOC on Citizenship and Human Rights Education for Change

Millions of students choose distance-learning education each year. The Global Campus of Human Rights is also active in this area with its own MOOCs devoted to human rights issues that are either topical or underrepresented in the educational offer that is currently available online. More recently, we have also developed collaborative initiatives with other organisations or institutions that share the same vision around the power of online education. It is in this light, that we have been selected to design and implement a new MOOC on Citizenship and Human Rights Education for Change. The course is part of the EU CONVINCE (EU Common Values Inclusive Education) Project run by European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE)European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE), and European School Heads Association (ESHA) and co-funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Union.


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In times of increasing extremism, xenophobia, violence, and radicalisation, it becomes crucial to building the capacity of education personnel, school leaders and education employers, to promote the fundamental values of freedom, democracy, tolerance, equality, human rights, and solidarity, through education. Teaching and learning about democratic citizenship, human rights, and EU common values are crucial for countering the negative forces of our time and building social inclusion in diverse educational contexts and learning environments.


This MOOC aims to foster the promotion of inclusive education, democratic citizenship, and human rights through the transfer of knowledge about the definitions, frameworks and content of Human Rights Education as well as the analysis of existing and innovative practices on teaching styles, approaches and methods.


The course will run from 29 April to 9 June 2019 and is articulated in three modules:

- Module 1 focuses on international and regional definitions and frameworks concerning Human Rights Education (HRE). Attention is devoted not only to the international and regional standards that are the core content of HRE but also to its goals, principles and main actors.
- Module 2 is dedicated to more specific contexts and issues covering a number of areas (such as disability rights and migration) as well as aspects related to inclusive education (such as for instance inclusion of minorities or the preventative role of inclusive education against violence and extremism). 
- Module 3 deals with the principles of the whole school and a rights-based approach to education. In particular, it stresses the importance of participatory management of the school community, which involves addressing the needs of learners, education personnel and the wider community, not only within the curriculum but across the whole-school and learning environment.

The MOOC is free and open to participants around the world who are actively interested and engaged in citizenship and human rights education at different levels. For more information, contact us at or visit

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