Muwatin annual conference “Democracy in the public square” in Birzeit, Palestine, organised with the support of the Global Campus of Human Rights

On 6-7 October 2017 in Birzeit-Palestine, the Muwatin Institute for Democracy and Human Rights of Birzeit University organises the conference "Democracy in the public square".

Muwatin 23rd Annual Conference, that receives the support of the Global Campus of Human Rights, will focus on the deformations of democracy as a concept and in practice from a Palestinian perspective as well as from a global one. It will attempt to shed light on the global transformations on the understanding and practice of democracy in its various forms and definitions, to the extent that it eventually derailed from being an expression of the public will. 

Conference speakers will address the neoliberal political economic reality, and its role in transforming democracy into a mere set of procedures, that frequently contradicts with such main pillars of democracy as equality, justice, and freedom. These and other questions will be tackled from a variety of perspectives engaging local and international cases and examples of marginalisation and exclusion (of youth in particular), media, law, urban planning, education, the role of universities, violence, subject formation and transformation, the usurpation of the public sphere, elections, neoliberal social engineering and its impact on the Palestinian national project, questions of immigration, international solidarity, popular sovereignty, amongst other issues.

Birzeit University is among the academic institutions of the Arab master’s programme in Democracy and Human Rights, one of the seven regional programmes of the Global Campus of Human Rights.

Conference Programme

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