New MOOC on Gender-Based Violence in the Context of Migration

The Global Campus of Human Rights continues the development of its Open Learning Series with a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Gender-Based Violence in the Context of Migration. The course will be released on 15 May 2017. Enrolment opens on 15 April 2017 and is completely free.

The MOOC is led by a team of three Global Campus Professors from the EMA and APMA Regional Masters in Human Rights and Democratisation: Teresa Pizarro Beleza, of NOVA New University of Lisbon, Kalliope Agapiou-Josephides, of the University of Cyprus and Nicola Piper, of the University of Sydney. They are joined in the teaching by an international faculty of academics, experts and practitioners.

“General gender discrimination and the resultant weaker position of many women in most societies are often the root cause for women migrants’ greater vulnerability at all stages of the migration process.” Prof. Piper said. “Addressing the root causes of forced and economic migration and ensuring that the human rights of women and girls are protected throughout the whole migration process are essential steps towards a stronger recognition of their equal dignity.”

In this light, the contribution of this new Global Campus MOOC is to provide participants with knowledge, multiple perspectives and examples of practices that can help them develop and reinforce their critical understanding and effective action in a field that is at the crossroads of gender, migration and human rights studies.

The Programme consists of three Modules. Module 1 starts with a discussion on real-life examples of violations of the human rights of migrant and refugee women and girls and then goes on to introduce key concepts, definitions and elements of GBV with attention to the development of the international discourse and related human rights instruments on the topic. Module 2 is dedicated to the interplay of migration, gender and violence analysed through a human rights lens and examples from different regions of the world. Module 3 concludes the course with a look at practical implications, challenges but also positive examples and opportunities for change

The MOOC is funded by the European Commission and is offered in cooperation with Canvas Network, one of the leading providers of open online learning for everyone, everywhere.

You can enrol for free here. For general queries about the MOOC on Gender-Based Violence in the Context of Migration you can send an email to

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