Pioneering Climate Justice Education in Moldova and the EU Neighbourhood


“Climate justice is a moral imperative, essential for making the world a better place for all its inhabitants, and embodies the principle of equity, requiring everyone to contribute according to their abilities”. 

Hewan Tonini, School participant

The “1st European Cross-Regional School in Climate Justice and Human Rights” took place from May 20 to 25 in the village of Burcuta, in the outskirts of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

The School is the flagship activity of the ongoing EU-funded project "Development of Climate Justice and Human Rights Education at the Moldova State University (MSU)" focused on setting up an Interdisciplinary Lab between the Faculties of Law and Biology by July 2025.

This innovative academic activity, the first of its kind in the region, was envisioned for students, human rights defenders, and civil servants from Moldova and the EU enlargement countries. Jointly organized by the Global Campus and the Moldova State University - a member of the network since September 2023, the School was implemented under the umbrella of the GC Caucasus, and in a special collaboration with the two neighbouring regional hubs of GC Europe (Venice) and GC South East Europe (Sarajevo/Bologna).

The School gathered a highly heterogeneous and motivated group of 18 students, with different backgrounds and approaches to climate justice. They participated in a rich programme of events, classes, practical exercises, field and social activities led by academics, experts, practitioners and alumni from the GC participating universities and partners, among them Manfred Nowak, Zoi Aliozi, Rodica Iordanov, Justina Grigaraviciene, Pim Martens, Alma Midzic and Samentha Goethals. 

An important highlight of the programme was the special session Mobilizing for the Climate: a conversation with Vladimir Slivyak” which allowed participants to meet and discuss with the renowned activist, co-chairman of Ecodefense and 2021 Right Livelihood Laureate.  

All students have successfully and actively attended the School receiving a joint diploma by the Global Campus, GC Caucasus and the Moldova State University, while five of them have also opted to gain 5 ECTS after passing a final written exam.

The Spring School is an ambitious format that aims to create a legacy as an annual activity and incubator for innovative ideas, with the final goal of contributing solidly to a sustainable green transition in Moldova and the region.

The School was organized as part of the events for the celebration of the 2024 EU Day in Moldova. Consult the programme here.

This project is part of the GC Capacity Development programme. For more information contact the project manager Adriano Remiddi at adriano.remiddi@gchumanrights.or





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