Prof. Benedek at the inauguration of the exhibition "Face Human Rights - Facing Nations"

tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/facehr_ny_15nov2010.jpgFace Human Rights - Facing Nations
Face Human Rights - New York -12/11/2010Last 15 November 2010, the Secretary-General of the United Nations H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon and the Austrian Federal Minister for European and International Affairs, H.E. Mr. Michael Spindelegger, inaugurated the exhibition FACE HUMAN RIGHTS at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The portraits represent people from all nationalities living in the human rights city of Graz.

The world.culture.initiative FACE HUMAN RIGtHTS derived from the idea of giving a face to all people in our global society, independent of their origin, skin colour, gender, language, religion, and political or other beliefs (Article 2, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights). FACE HUMAN RIGHTS wants to encourage a world-wide dialogue for a better understanding of human rights – one that leads to more openness, tolerance, respect, and dignity in daily life. (excerpt from the folder )

FACE HUMAN RIGHTS – including the artwork and the social advertising spots – is on display at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in November 2010. (more on this page)

tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/facehr_banki-moon&wb_ny_15nov2010.jpgProf. Wolfgang Benedek, Chair of the Human Rights Advisory Board of Human Rights City of Graz, had the opportunity to donate him the book Understanding Human Rights, Manual on Human Rights Education, edited by himself on behalf of ETC Graz, which since recently exists in 15 languages and can be found on the website of ETC Graz at


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From left to right:
Markus Stürmer, pianist;
Siegfried Nagl, Mayor of Graz,
Oskar Stocker, artist, who painted the pictures,
Prof. Wolfgang Benedek, chair of the Human Rights Advisory Board of Human Rights City of Graz and
Gerhard Draxler, director of Styrian TV and radio and spiritus rector of the  project.

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