Prof. George Ulrich is the new E.MA Programme Director

The EIUC/E.MA Governing Bodies are glad to announce the appointment of Dr. George Ulrich, who is holding the position of Rector and Professor of Human Rights at the Riga Graduate Shool of Law since 2009, as the new E.MA Programme Director of the European Master in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) for the academic year 2016/2017.

He served as EIUC Secretary General from 2003-2009 and as Academic Coordinator / Programme Director of E.MA from 2001-2004. Dr Ulrich is thus intimately familiar with the Venice-based inter-university centre and Master’s programme and is excited to re-join the E.MA and EIUC family.

From 1999-2001 he was Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for Human Rights. He obtained his Ph.D. as well as an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Toronto, Canada, and holds the degree of Cand. Mag. in Social Anthropology and History of Ideas from Aarhus University, Denmark.

Among George Ulrich’s current research interests are issues related to the history and philosophy of human rights, human rights diplomacy, human rights and development cooperation, health and human rights, international medical ethics, and ethics for human rights professionals.

Publications includeSynergies and Linkages between Danish Efforts to Promote Human Rights at the Multilateral Level and in Development Cooperation; The Danish Institute for Human Rights, Copenhagen 2014; Human Rights Diplomacy - Contemporary Perspectives, Martinus Nijhof Publishers 2011 (jointly edited with M. O’Flaherty, A. Müller, and Z. Kedzia); The Local Relevance of Human Rights. Cambridge University Press 2011 (jointly edited with K. De Feyter, S. Parmentier, and Chr. Timmerman); The Professional Identity of the Human Rights Field Officer. Ashgate Publishing Ltd. 2010 (jointly edited with M. O’Flaherty); Beyond Activism: The impact of the resolutions and other activities of the European Parliament in the field of human rights outside the European Union, Marsilio Editori, Venice 2007 (co-authored with H. Fischer and S. Lorion); and Reparations – Redressing Past Wrongs. Yearbook Human Rights in Development, Kluwer 2003 (jointly edited with L. Krabbe Boserup).

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