Prof. Manfred Nowak condemns “racist remarks” and shows “support & respect" for the African refugee who committed suicide in Venice

Manfred Nowak, Venice - 27 January 2017
We are here to honour the victim of a tragedy that occurred in Venice recently and involved Pateh Sabally, a 22-year-old Gambian, who bobbed up and down in the cold waters of Venice’s main waterway.

International and local media reported and recorded scores of tourists watching him drowning as onlookers filmed him, laughed and made racist remarks, like “Go on, go back home”, “Africa”, etc. Mr. Sabally had sailed from Gambia two years ago and had been brought to the Sicilian Port of Pozzallo where he was given a refugee status permit to stay in Italy.

EIUC is an institution that firmly is supporting human rights, combating racism, and, encouraging in all its activities the promotion of a more kind and compassionate society. This case is a clear example of the need for a better education and awareness on the importance of the value of life and respect in an increasing more hostile society.

We should include in our thoughts all those who have been victims of racist assaults and bully’s remarks all over the world and we renew a global conviction that human beings should have the right to live in an environment protected from violence.

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