Prof. Steve Peers lecturer at the Training Seminar on the "EU Charter of Fundamental Rights"

Steve Peers is a Professor of EU Law and Human Rights Law at the University of Essex. He is the co-editor of the Commentary on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the co-author of a book on the EU Citizenship Directive.

Professor Steve Peers is the author of 3 editions of EU Justice and Home Affairs Law, the co-author of EU Immigration and Asylum Law: Text and Commentary, the co-editor of a recent textbook on European Union Law, the author of dozens of other articles on EU Law, the editor of the EU Law Analysis blog, a consultant, conference speaker and media commentator on EU law issues, and a frequent contributor to the work of the UK Parliament, the EU institutions (including the Fundamental Rights Agency) and a number of NGOs on EU law.

He is one of the lecturers of the Training Seminar on the "EU Charter of Fundamental Rights" that is going to take place at EIUC, 8-9 April 2016. The training is conceived for all jurists who can be confronted with different case law where EU Law applies, and who can then uphold the rights guaranteed by the Charter against a national law or legal practice. Beyond illustrating the key features of the Court the training seminar will analyse specific case law relevant to issues of Privacy/Data Protection; Internal Market; Asylum and Immigration; Economic and Social Rights. The registration deadline is 18 March 2016. How to apply? Here, all the details.

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