Senior-level Full-stack Developer (consultant or firm)

The Global Campus of Human Rights (Global Campus) is a network of almost one hundred participating universities around the world, seeking to advance human rights and democracy through the organisation of seven Master’s programmes in different world regions (Europe, South-East Europe, the Caucasus region, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean, and the Arab world) and through regional and global cooperation for education and research.

Global Campus e-learning activities

Online access to human rights courses, trainings, modules and materials is key to fostering a global community of learning and practice whose members are not only aware of their rights, but also able to develop wider and comparative understanding. The Global Campus offers such wider, comparative and practice-oriented e-learning experiences through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), online courses and blended trainings on OpenEdx in a dedicated installation:

Global Campus research activities

The Open Knowledge Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes all digital materials resulting from the rich and varied production of the Global Campus network. It is an ever-growing collection which aims to give visibility to research outputs, educational content, and multimedia materials; sustain open access for knowledge transfer; and foster communication within and beyond academia:

In order to ensure the functioning and stability of the above-mentioned platforms, the Global Campus is seeking a senior-level Full-stack Developer (consultant or firm), whose work will be performed under coordination of the Premises/IT department.



  • Required deep knowledge of Python language and Django framework
  • Strong knowledge of Javascript and associated libraries eg. jQuery
  • Seniority and knowledge on angular.js and some framework of their choice developed on that
  • Database eg. MongoDB, PostgresSQL, MySQL
  • Preferred knowledge of system engineering and operation on linux servers (work via console/prompt)
  • Knowledge of Open Edx and Dspace portals is considered an advantage


  • Added branding and customization options
  • Theming
  • Problem-solving support and technical maintenance of the current platforms


Deadline for applications: as early as possible

Duration of consultancy service contract: until 31/07/2023 (5 months)

The assignment, under the consultancy regime, can be carried out remotely, with some flexibility required to travel to the Global Campus Headquarters in Venice, Italy for occasional meetings.

Please send a detailed curriculum vitae/proposal in English to the Global Campus Premises and IT Manager, Luca Fantinel,, and the IT and Web Coordinator, Samuele Schiavon,

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