Venice Academy of Human Rights 2012 on the theme "Limits of Human Rights"

The Venice Academy of Human Rights started on 9 July 2012 at the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC).  The theme of this year’s Academy was the ‘Limits of Human Rights’ and the faculty included distinguished academics and practitioners from around the world. The Academy provided an enriching and interdisciplinary forum for the 58 participants from 32 countries to exchange views, ideas and arguments with leading experts in the area of human rights. The Academy run until 18 July. For more information on the Venice Academy of Human Rights, see here.

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Participants of the Venice Academy of Human Rights 2012
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Registration of participants
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From left to right:
- Prof. Attracta Ingram
- Prof. Florence Benoit-Rohmer
- Prof. Henri Steiner
- Prof. Carmen Marquez Carrasco



Prof. Henri Steiner  

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Prof. Philip Alston teaching



Discussion round
Prof. Friedrich Kratochwil,
Prof. Martti Koskenniemi,
Prof. Attracta Ingram,
Prof. Henri Steiner,
 Prof. Philip Alston and
Prof. Philip Allott.

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freccia sinistra

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