The Global Campus of Human Rights Support The Afghan Evacuation and Resettlement Fund

The Global Campus of Human Rights is supporting this urgent fundraising appeal to assist a network of human rights professionals and lawyers in the EU who are helping Afghans with their asylum applications, evacuation and resettlement in other countries (where many of our alumni are also involved).

Many Afghans are under threat of death and are urgently trying to escape Afghanistan. Some of them have been forced from their homes and are in hiding with poor conditions, no heating, and running out of food and hope for the future of not only their lives but for the future of Afghanistan. Furthermore, many of the women are further subject to violence from their family members as some men are sympathising with the newly instilled Taliban Government and others are simply inflicting physical, psychological and emotional violence on the women who can no longer go out for fear of reprisals.  Your donation will not only save the lives of these Afghans, but cover costs for the issuance of passports which are now obligatory, (many afghans especially women and children do not have valid passports) contribution to flights out of Afghanistan, and initial living costs once they arrive in their host country. 100% of these donations will go directly to Afghans and is not including any administrative fees.

Our thoughts go out to all afghans, their families, their friends and their communities. Since the emergency crisis started, the Global Campus of Human Rights has been involved in helping the scholars and students at risk and also joining many other organisations in their advocacy works to help the situation in Afghanistan. The level of this tragedy is requiring now not only our expression of support, solidarity, advocacy but all our efforts including financial contributions and donations. 

The Global Campus of Human Rights is now kindly requesting all our dear friends and members of our vast academic network to contribute to this emergency and please donate now to support this afghan evacuation and resettlement fund. 

Donate now!

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(Image courtesy of an Afghan female artist who the Fund is currently helping)

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