The Global Campus of Human Rights welcomes the news about liberation of Oleg Sentsov, 2018 Sakharov Prize Laureate

This is a great news” says Elisabetta Noli, Administrative Director of the Global Campus of Human Rights “Only on 29 August we were holding the press conference “We stand with the Sakharov Prize Oleg Sentsov: Join Askold Kurov at the Venice Film Festival”, thus joining our voices of human rights activists with those of the European Parliament, of Amnesty International, and of many other organisations and individuals campaigning for his liberation”.


In the course of the press conference which was built around the testimony of Askold Kurov, Director and Producer of the Documentary “The Trial: The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov” Kurov stressed the importance of the international campaigning to free Oleg Sentsov, and the fact his personal case – being paradigmatic of that of many other political prisoners – can contribute to the positive outcome also for others facing oppression.


Elisabetta Noli reaffirms this point: “The Global Campus of Human Rights expresses its satisfaction for the return of Oleg Sentsov to his country today after many years in jail to be reunited with his loved ones. This conclusion is showing there is hope for many other political prisoners that are suffering abuses and expecting their liberation soon. The most important is also that the public’s efforts to support the campaign was efficient, well-coordinated around the world and successful in the objective of raising awareness on cases of abuses and political imprisonment”.


The Global Campus of Human Rights run its Summer School on Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy in cooperation with Picture People is reinforced by this positive news in its work to promote and protect human rights through education, training, and advocacy, and will continue to work in close cooperation with the Sakharov Prize/European Parliament to draw attention to support human rights defenders’ courage and example.


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