The third edition of the Global Campus Visual Contest has extended the deadline for submissions until 9 September 2017

The theme of the Contest is “Memory and Reconciliation” and is open to photographers and video makers willing to explore how the process of reconciliation with the past, transitional justice and fight against impunity is key to build a long lasting peace after civil wars and conflicts. Photographers and videomakers, professional or amateurs, are encouraged to capture “moment of reflections” that can be inspired by spaces such as memorials, memory sites, institutional buildings, grassroots movements that symbolise the memory of crimes against humanity or human rights violations occurred or the struggle of resistance or defence of those rights.

The international jury of the Contest is comprised of renowned international photographers such as Giles Duley, Poulomi Basu and experts in documentary advocacy and social campaigns such as Isabelle Gattiker, Karen Oetling and Sam Gregory. Read their interviews on our website and social media, and take part in the contest!

Among all the photographers and video-makers that will join the contest, Fabrica shall be free, at its own discretion, to invite one attendee aged under 26, for a two-week period at its own premises. In case of positive feedback further to such two-week period, Fabrica, at its own discretion, can offer to such attendee a one-year scholarship at Fabrica!

This initiative is funded by the European Union and receives the patronage of the United Nations Regional Information centre for Western Europe (UNRIC). 

You can follow the visual contest with the hashtag #GlobalCampusVisualContest on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram.

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