The Venice Academy on Human Rights is going to start on 4 July 2016

The Venice Academy of Human Rights is an international and interdisciplinary programme of excellence for human rights education, research and debate and it forms part of the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) which is an internationally leading institution for research and education. The Venice Academy is going to start on 4 July 2016, you can follow it with the hashtag #VeniceAcademy2016 on Facebook and on Twitter.

>> 4 - 13 July 2016 <<

The 2016 Venice Academy of Human Rights looks at these developments from an institutional, legal, political and interdisciplinary perspective. Lectures and seminars by the distinguished faculty focus on the expansion and resistance to human rights obligations, counter-terrorist laws and policies, restrictions of civil liberties, processes of exclusion and redistribution in society, and the legitimacy crisis of human rights courts. The theme is Backlash against Human Rights? Discover more...

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