Training on the "European Convention of Human Rights" for Italian lawyers

From 14 till 16 February 2014, about fifty lawyers from all over Italy gathered at EIUC to attend a training seminar dedicated to the European Convention of Human Rights and to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

EIUC_TS_CEDU_Vladimiro Zagrebelsky An important asset to underline concerning this seminar was the presence of two Italian judges of the European Court of Human Rights, namely the current Vice-President and Judge Guido Raimondi and the former Judge Vladimiro Zagrebelsky (photo below), who joined other eminent lecturers such as two officials of the Council of Europe specialised on the Convention and on the Italian legislation on this matter, Roberto Chenal and Andrea Tamietti.
former Judge Vladimiro Zagrebelsky

Bruno Nascimbene, lawyer and Professor of Law of the European Union at the University of Milan, closed the seminar by addressing the lawyers with an overview of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, its content and its scope.

The quality and professional competence of all these specialists made this training seminar particularly appreciated by the participants involved who addressed EIUC with requests to organise new training sessions.
EIUC happily welcomed this request and will come up – accordingly - with ad hoc training opportunities.

EIUC_TS_CEDU_Bruno Nascimbene EIUC_TS_CEDU_Andrea Tamietti, Judge Guido Raimondi, former Judge Vladimiro Zagrebelsky
Bruno Nascimbene (left to right) Andrea Tamietti, lawyer at the Registry of ECHR; Judge Guido Raimondi, Vice President of the ECHR; Vladimiro Zagrebelsky, former Judge ECHR




Participants in the Aula Magna
attending EIUC Training Seminar on the ECHR
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