Twelfth Issue of the Global Campus of Human Rights Magazine

Following the success of many important activities of our network, the Global Campus of Human Rights published the twelfth edition of its seasonal Magazine in English and Italian.

This promotional publication is structured in the following sections:

    1. Interviews by the Press Office and Contributions
    2. News and Events of the Global Campus of Human Rights at local and international level
  • Promotion campaigns to raise awareness of our impact and attract more supporters


-Living in Venice was a once in a lifetime experience” for Chiara Mongello, one of our current EMA student representatives, and her counterpart Vasil Ivanov adds: “I never lived in a place that can take your breath away a few times every single day”. However, according to Vasil, Venice is still “mostly known as a tourist city and not really as a study destination. If more is done for the local students, such as the establishment of more places to socialize, student events (festivals), sports facilities, venues, etc (especially in the historic centre) I believe that more and more young people will start seeing Venice as their future study destination.-”As Secretary General of the Global Campus of Human Rights, I fully agree with our EMA students representatives and, therefore, support local initiatives, such as the Venice City Campus and all efforts to make Venice the World Capital of Sustainability and, thereby, more attractive for students and young people who are actively engaged in fighting for climate justice and the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment”.GC Secretary General Manfred Nowak

For more information, contact our Press and Communications Offices:

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