V Colloque Ordinaire Association Internationale du Droit de la Mer

At the dawn of the third Millennium, the governance of seas and oceans is changing, especially for the growing role of Regional economic integration organizations. Particularly, the European Union with its “Maritime Integrated Policy”, the African Union with the “African Integrated Strategy for Seas and Oceans – Horizon 2050” and the ASEAN with the establishment of the “ASEAN Maritime Forum” are main examples of current trends in governance of seas and oceans. 

At the initiative of Prof. Fabrizio Marrella, Dean HRV, and thanks to a partnership with Cà Foscari University, the Navy Staff College and the Venice Port Authority, the Fifth Ordinary Meeting of the AssIDMer has convened in Venice with the aim to explore implications of the role of Regional economic integration organizations on the implementation and modification of the Law of the sea also in connection with human rights. 

Scholars from around the world will convene in Venice to discuss topics such:

  • Immigration and human rights protection at sea

  • The application of UNCLOS to internal waters

  • The fight against maritime piracy and terrorism and the protection of human rights

  • Blue economy and motorways of the sea

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