Venice Human Rights Film Festival: "Film, Art and Human Rights"

The Venice Human Rights Film Festival is back, organised punctually as always by the students of the European Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation of the Global Campus of Human Rights. "This edition - say the students - will welcome a wide range of experts in the field of human rights, activists, academics, and filmmakers". The Festival will take place on Friday 10, on World Human Rights Day, and Saturday 11 December 2021 at the headquarters of the Global Campus of Human Rights, at the Monastery of San Nicolò (Riviera San Nicolò, Lido di Venezia (30126).


This year’s theme is “Film, Arts and Human Rights” and specific attention will be given to women's rights and freedom of expression. The main films that will be presented during the festival are “Beijing Spring” di Andy Cohen, “Caught in the Net” di Barbora Chalupová e Vít Klusáke, e “Nasrin” di Jeff Kausman.


Beijing Spring encapsulates the scene of underground film-making, radical art, and censorship, during the late 70s, still being reminiscent of what is happening in Hong Kong during modern days. Caught in the Net is a social experiment metamorphosed into an interventionist documentary. The film work sheds light on the very delicate issue of child abuse on the web. Nevertheless, Nasrin perfectly outlines the story of Nasrin Sotoudeh, the 2012 Sakharov Prize Laureate and Right Livelihood Laureate in 2020, and the remarkably resilient Iranian women's rights movement. These three works combined with a series of other films incorporating nowadays human rights issues create a symbolic symbiosis.


The Film Festival will also host several artistic performances, in order to underline once again the interconnection between arts and human rights. The festival will conclude with a ceremony highlighting the advancements made by filmmakers and artists in general with regard to human rights. During the Festival all anti-COVID-19 measures will be guaranteed.


Some moments will also be streamed online. For more information, please visit the

Festival website:



Press Office - Isotta Esposito







Day 1 - 10 December


17.00: Opening speech

CLUSTER 1: Arts and Human Rights (Main theme of the film festival)

17.30: Short Movie 1 ‘Art as Activism’ (Amélie)

18.30: Movie 1 ‘Beijing Spring’ (1h40min)

20.20: Explanation and discussion about the movie

21.20: EMA Art performance (5min) + Video Laura María Calderón (5-10min)

21.45: Food + Drinks

23.00: End of the day


DAY 2 - 11 December


10.00: Reading of Poems about Human Rights (Oana) CLUSTER 2: Gender and Sexual Abuse (How we can use art/movies for human rights)

11.00: Short Movie 2 ‘Frei_Raum’ (2min) + Short Movie 3 ‘EVA’ (5min) + Short Movie 3 ‘Hysteria’ (15min) + Short Movie 4 ‘GAZE’ (3:10min) + Short Movie 5 ‘Ontkracht’ (10 min) - Little explanations after each short movie

12.30: BREAK

14.00: Movie 2 ‘Caught in the Net’ (1h40min)

15.45: Discussion

16.45: BREAK + Art Performance/workshop/...

CLUSTER 3: Censorship + Myanmar

17.45: Speech/Testimony by Burmese Filmmaker

18.15: Short Movie 6 ‘A Blue-Sky’ (28min)

18.45: BREAK with food and drinks

20.00: Movie 3 ‘Nasrin’ (1h31min)

22.00: Discussion Nasrin

22.30: Closing speech + Song (Chiara Passuello)


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