Venice School of Human Rights 2011 - HUMAN RIGHTS AS OUR RESPONSIBILITY

The second edition of the EIUC Venice School of Human Rights started on 30 June 2011. The chosen theme for this year was HUMAN RIGHTS AS OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

The School was opened by Prof. Manfred Nowak in front of 62 accepted students, coming from more than 39 countries. Courses took place at the EIUC premises in Venice from 30 June till 9 July 2011.

The goal of the Venice School was to allow its participants to be updated on the state-of the art debate on human rights issues and to stimulate a reflexion on the actual challenges faced by human rights actors worldwide. It also facilitated the exchange of experiences while enhancing an intercultural dialogue amongst its students. The candidates were professionals within International organisations working in the field as well as postgraduate students from all academic background as well as human rights practitioners willing to deepen and improve their knowledge in human rights issues.

The lecturers of the Venice School 2011 were internationally recognised experts in the fields of human rights belonging to EIUC’s partner universities and other organisations that support EIUC projects and endeavours, namely:

  • Prof. J.Wouters,
  • J. Castellino,
  • Dr. C. Beier,
  • Mr. D. Kronen,
  • Mr. Lenormand,
  • Prof. F. Marrella (Cluster Responsible),
  • Prof. W. Sullivan,
  • Prof. K. Drzewicki,
  • Prof. N. Ghanea,
  • Prof. S. Mahmood,
  • Prof. P. Hirschkind,
  • Prof. E.S. Hurd,
  • Prof. P. Danchin (Cluster Responsible),
  • Mr. W. Wysocki,
  • Mr. V. Forest,
  • Dr. G. Ulrich,
  • Prof. I. Hurd,
  • Ms. C. Mardirossian,
  • Mr. G. Staberock,
  • Mr. E. Fantini,
  • Ms. A. Jacinto,
  • Prof. Florence Benoit-Rohmer (Cluster Responsible).

After a first session common to all participants dedicated to a general introduction (view programme) on international systems of protection of human rights and related mechanisms, the programme developed into three thematic clusters (Business, Development and Human Rights; Religious Freedom and the Rights of Religious Minorities; and Human Rights Defenders), among which participants had to choose.

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