The Influence of Diaspora on Democracy-Building Processes: Behavioral Diversity

23-28 April 2018

The Global Classroom brings together students and professors from all Global Campus Regional Programmes for a week-long conference, where a topic of current interest for all the regions involved is studied, analysed and discussed. The discussion is enriched with the participation of experts including representatives of States, UN Agencies, EU experts and civil society organisations.

The Global Classroom targets the necessity of fostering the interactions among students of the different programmes by organizing dedicated activities and providing a forum of discussion and additional tools of academic interaction.

This event is normally connected to the Global Campus Research Programme, a research project based on the collaboration among researchers from the different GC Regional Masters' programmes. The insights and conclusions from the event are therefore integrated in the research to further enrich the final findings.

The opportunity to engage in research, to share findings with others and to engage in discourse as colleagues is formative for students and stimulating for academics. Furthermore, the research topic allows participants to explore its impact on Human Rights and Democratisation processes in their respective regions.

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