Open Knowledge Repository

The Open Knowledge Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes all digital materials resulting from the rich and varied production of our network. It is an ever-growing collection which aims to give visibility to our research outputs, educational content, and multimedia materials; sustain open access for knowledge transfer; and foster communication within and beyond academia.

It currently contains in the following collections:

  • Global Campus Human Rights Journal
    The Global Campus Human Rights Journal is a peer-reviewed bi-annual publication that serves as a forum for rigorous scholarly analysis, critical commentaries, and reports on recent developments pertaining to human rights and democratisation globally.
  • Research and Projects Outputs
    Publications series about various projects developed by Global Campus of Human Rights, including policy briefs, Right Livelihood Foundation (RLF) project related reports, Capacity development Project related outputs, UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, FRAME reports.
  • Global Campus Masters' Theses
    A selection of the best master theses of each regional programme (annual award) as well as the full collection of all dissertations.
  • Annual Reports & Activity Reports
    This collection includes the Global Campus of Human Rights Annual Report and specific activities reporting.
  • Global Campus of Human Rights Magazine
    The Global Campus of Human Rights Magazine is a quarterly promotional publication on the network activities. It is published both in English and Italian.
  • Institutional Documents of Reference
    Official institutional documents, showcasing the evolution of the Global Campus of Human Rights and of its vision and mission.
  • Working Papers
    High-quality, informal series and other mixed content collections (typically of article-length items).