Experience Regional Master’s Exchanges

The Global Campus developed and continues to develop educational, training, promotional and research activities which belong to a common programme of joint activities. This programme builds upon the experience of EIUC and Global Campus Universities in delivering Master's programmes and in fostering inter-university cooperation.

The joint activities include the Global Classroom which involve students from the seven Masters and international experts; the Nelson Mandela World Moot Court Competition; exchanges of professors, researchers, and students from the seven Regional Programmes, workshops of integrated teaching and other activities.

exchange professors

Global Campus Exchange of Professors

This activity envisages the exchange of one professor for each Regional Master, who shall teach a specific module and unit, short seminar and alike, prepared and offered to the intakes of another Regional Master during the academic year. The integrated teaching involves the participation of academic staff from two or more regional programmes for the delivery of joint seminars and workshops with an integrated regional perspective.

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Workshop Integrated Teaching

Global Campus organises additional workshops and conferences on topics varying from year to year, including business and human rights, diplomacy, or prospects for eu policies in the field of human rights.

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integrated teaching
thesis supervsion

Online thesis supervision

The rich expertise existing in the Global Campus network emerges also in terms of theses supervision offered to students from professors of all the regional master's programmes.

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Global Classroom

The Global Classroom brings together students and professors from all Global Campus Regional Programmes for a week-long conference, where a topic of current interest for all the regions involved is studied, analyzed and discussed. The discussion is enriched with the participation of experts including representatives of States, UN agencies, EU experts and civil society organisations.

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global classroom
international conference

International Conference on Human Rights and Democratisation

Every year a Regional Master takes the lead in organising in cooperation with the other partners a promotional event/international conference to raise awareness of the Global Campus network and foster discussion on global challenges to human rights and democratisation.

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Nelson Mandela World Moot Court

The Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition in Geneva is developed within the Global Campus of Human Rights Master’s Programmes under the leadership of the University of Pretoria. This human rights educational event is unique in bringing together some of the youngest and brightest law students from universities all around the globe to debate burning contemporary human rights issues on the basis of a common UN human rights system, influenced by national and regional perspectives and experiences.

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venice academy

Venice Academy of Human Rights

The Venice Academy of Human Rights is an international and interdisciplinary programme of excellence for human rights education, research and debate. It provides an enriching forum for emerging ideas, practices and policy options in the field of human rights.

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